Have you ever had a Dream

...that you were so sure was real?

Well, I am real as you can get. Let’s make some dreams come true.


I will always use careful discretion regarding all our encounters, including the screening process. I expect the same from you.


Throughout our correspondence, I will be respectful, kind, and to the point. During our time together, I will be attentive and present. This is our time, after all. When we meet, I will be exquisitely clean and groomed. I will hold you to these same standards. 

Have we met before?

No? Well, let’s remedy this situation!
Below is a link to my secure booking form. I require my new friends to complete a light screening. This is to ensure the safety of everyone involved. All information you provide is handled with the utmost discretion. After all, we both deserve to feel safe and confident in one another. Completing this form allows us to promptly move on to the fun part. So, let’s have some fun, shall we?

Hey there, Old Friend!

Are you ready to make some fresh memories together? Email me directly to plan our next adventure. Be sure to include your desired date and time. The most efficient way to get on my calendar is via email. I prefer that phone calls and texting be reserved for our more personal communications.

The adventures of
Parker Westwood
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