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I am so glad you asked! 😉
Communication is quite possibly THE most important element of our relationship.
BEFORE: Know exactly what you like? Awesome. Tell me, and I will do my darndest to make it happen. Don’t know what you want just yet. Let me know. We can explore some options and discover together. 
DURING: In order to explore the deliciously complex realms of pleasure, we must trust one another to voice our limitations. We all have them; we are human, after all. At any point in our encounter, if there is anything you do not like, say so immediately. I will never judge you for this. In fact, knowing one’s limits is a quality that I find incredibly sexy. I promise to voice the same. 
AFTER: I appreciate your feedback. Let me know what you enjoyed, what you’d like to try for next time, or any other thoughts that seem worth mentioning. The more we can communicate about our needs and desires, the deeper and more fulfilling our connection can become. 
Yes and no.
Let’s start simply: Yes, I am attracted to both men and women, and I do see couples.
Let’s get interesting: I don’t use the term “bisexual,” because there are more than two gender expressions. This term perpetuates a binary that ignores a whole swath of people who don’t identify as either “man” or “woman.”
I am attracted to all bodies and gender identities.
I identify as queer, because it is a term that encompasses my affinity for all bodies, regardless of how they identify. I think bodies are fascinating and fun, no matter the parts. As long as the person residing inside that body is kind, I am certain we’ll have a good time.

In short, you don’t. I don’t participate in reviews. I believe communicating directly to be the best way for us both to get what we want out of our time together.

The honest answer? All of them. The important answer? I am clean and sober. However, you are more than welcome to bring a little something for yourself to imbibe in during our time together.

Yup! I am gluten- and dairy-free. I don’t eat meat often, but will make rare exceptions for locally-sourced goodness.
I’m also a great cook, and I love cooking with other people. Now, there’s a great date idea! In fact, why don’t we invite one of my friends?

Of course! The screening process may look a little different, since I generally ask for references. However, I would be flattered to be your introduction to this magical world. 

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Absolutely! I will respond promptly to any reference request.

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